The fate of this blog

girl withcagerippl

Rippl-Rónai, Girl with Cage 1892 Oil on canvas Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest.
Image: WGA

This is Beetley Pete‘s fault. Before that, it was Sarah of FND‘s fault. She handed me the bird in the gilded cage. I don’t even know if I want a blog, and I sure as hell don’t know where I should be going with it. I’ve carried it around in my head for three years, and now I don’t know where to put it.

Supposing the bird has fled or died, and I’m just lugging an empty cage? I really don’t have anything to say. I try to have the Last Word, and Beetley Pete squeezes another one out of me.

The moment a blog starts singing about itself, is the moment the blanket should be put over it.

But the painting is fascinating. That’s the saving grace of scavenging the web for a shiny image to illustrate a dull thought: serendipity. Like Vermeer, József Rippl-Rónai describes the deep spaces in corners we feel but cannot see.

They make you hear eternal whisperings (Keats’ words, not mine, of course) in the most ordinary looking rooms, only the sound in Rónai’s interiors is so much louder, building to a roar. His intense background offers no comfort to the human figure, at odds with her environment in a recognizably modern way. Where are we going?

So here she is, as my way of saying thank you to the great bloggers and readers out there – the ghostly Girl with Cage.

10 comments on “The fate of this blog

  1. […] Rippl-Rónai, Girl with Cage 1892 Oil on canvas Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest. Image: WGA […]


  2. Wonderful observations about that fascinating painting. Like you said, this is no comfortable setting for this girl. Her face mesmerizing because you can’t read her expression.

    A very beautifully-written, poetic post.

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  3. PJR says:

    Lelius, you touch my heart, and I thank you for the music and your preternatural wisdom. Your musical ear does not miss a note/nuance. You HEAR the gaps in time, don’t you? I merely refer to them.

    I am deterred by my inability to deliver promise; I see but I cannot reach. In French, words about “existence” and “destiny” do not sound pretentious as they do in English, which is a wonderful resource for self-deprecation and irony, but is frightened of abstracts.

    I wrote to make you all smile – and you have taken me seriously! You are wiser than me.

    It maddens me that I cannot produce the books that “Beetley” Pete wants to read. It humbles me that the blogging world is not the Tower of Babel I thought it was. People aren’t just screaming for attention; they are listening, too.

    I have a series of posts from my old Blogger blog about Madame Récamier which I will reblog later in the summer just for you! Your approval of my sketches of Madame de Pompadour is one of my greatest treasures.

    My mother taught me to revere l’esprit of both ladies.

    Au revoir.

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  4. Lelius says:

    Pardon, mais encore en français… Toujours quand c’est important !
    Ce n’est évidemment pas la première fois que je ressens une profonde correspondance intellectuelle avec ce que je crois percevoir de vous à chaque lecture enthousiaste de vos pages qui me ravissent et m’enrichissent depuis que j’ai découvert votre blog il y a quelques mois. J’oserais, si vous me le permettez, parler d’ “affinités électives” au sens que Goethe donnait à cette expression, et avec toutes les nuances qu’impose Internet.
    Secrète complicité induite par cette affinité ou simple coïncidence, je me trouve, moi aussi, depuis quelques semaines, confronté aux mêmes questionnements sur le sort de mon blog que ceux que vous exprimez ici à propos du vôtre. Si je voulais en faire part à ceux qui me font l’amitié de parcourir mes articles, il me suffirait de traduire votre billet, de le signer et de le publier. C’est dire si je comprends parfaitement le sens de votre préoccupation et combien je la partage. Je ne peux cependant pas croire que vous n’ayez plus rien à dire…
    Enfin, il me faut vous avouer, sans aucune flagornerie, que lire régulièrement vos pages est pour moi un encouragement à continuer de publier les modestes miennes.
    Pour tout cela, merci !
    J’espère donc très sincèrement que vos mots d’aujourd’hui ne resteront qu’une réflexion et en aucun cas ne seront un adieu, ni même l’annonce de trop longues vacances.
    Puissent ces paroles amicales vous exhorter à continuer ce blog dont je me nourris avec une délectation toujours renouvelée, malgré les efforts que mon très mauvais anglais m’oblige régulièrement à développer.

    Votre billet m’a rendu un peu “blue” ce matin, alors pour vous dire “Ne me quitte pas” en anglais et en musique :

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  5. Beth says:

    P.S. and if you didn’t post, this wonderful painting wouldn’t have had the exposure – it reminds me of Pierre Puvis de Chavannes’ “Le Ballon” and “The Bird”. I like this whole genre of art very much and was unaware of this artist and painting.

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  6. PJR says:

    Now look what I’ve done! I wasn’t fishing – well, not consciously – I hoped my tone was self-mocking while I was moaning about lack of anything to say, and confessing my own lack of engagement, and you lot come riding in like the cavalry to rescue my ego. I’m moved and feel more of a fraud than ever. No more reassurance, please. I’m humbled a second time today, because this blogosphere I’m so sceptical of is a place of rare good souls communing after all. XXX

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  7. Beth says:

    Who, then, would write these deeply-thought ideas?

    Many people I follow write that they’re considering ending their blogs, and most of those either do or they slow down a great deal, so I imagine that blogging isn’t forever for many if not most. But I’d miss your posts and hope you keep it open and post every now and again when something came together that you felt needed to be written. Even if you only post very infrequently, the work you’ve done still stands and means alot, so I hope you keep it open.

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  8. You have enriched my life since you were born, Pippa, and the thought of you not being around on this blog fills my heart with sorrow. You don’t need to blog all the time. We will wait until you have something valuable to say, be sure of that.

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  9. erickeyswriter says:

    I hope you continue, even if you need to take a break now and then. I have been deeply enriched by your posts and I hate to think that there are other folks out there who might not get the chance to find and read you. I just sent someone your way, actually. So, you’d better keep posting so I don’t look like a fool for sending her to a dead blog!

    Joking aside, your blog is deeply appreciated and I know you have more to say, even if you think you do not.

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  10. beetleypete says:

    I see no empty cage from my chair, here in Norfolk. I see books waiting to be read, adaptations being filmed, and critical acclaim following. My spectacles may be varifocal, but they are not rose-tinted. I know enough, to know when something is wonderful to behold.

    No need for that blanket. Not for a long time yet, if ever.

    As ever, Pete. x

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