The Democratic Right to Change our Minds


“If the British people want to, they can change their minds on Brexit.

The decision to leave the EU can be reversed, if we so choose.  


As the Secretary General of the European Constitutional Convention, which drafted Article 50, the clause which the Government triggered earlier this year to begin the process of leaving the EU, I wanted to set out the facts about what Article 50 is, and what it is not.

The key point is this; the letter that the Prime Minister sent to trigger Article 50 can be withdrawn if the British people change their minds. And from President Macron to Donald Tusk, European leaders agree.

New facts are coming to light that nobody could have known about at the time of the referendum. As we move forward, the public have the right to know that they can still take a different view. They should not be misled into thinking they can’t.

Lord Kerr

Secretary-General of the European Constitutional Convention (2002-03)

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9 comments on “The Democratic Right to Change our Minds

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