The off-shore betrayal of populism

GIVE BACK THEIR FUTURE: The New Cosette, Marching to Keep Britain in Europe, 25 March 2017
Photo by MHP © 2017

The latest evidence that Brexit, like Trump, is not supporting the interests of ordinary people is clear from the number of prominent Brexiteers in the list of off-shore investors found in the “Paradise Papers. (Click here to read THE GUARDIAN article).

It is a capitalist movement, preying on fears, prejudices and ideals, just as Thatcherism did in the Eighties, when greed and selfishness were blessed under cover of individualism and private enterprise.

Brexit is not a popular, patriotic revolution, it’s an ugly aberration that anyone who loves Britain and cares about human destiny can still stop, as Lord Kerr clarified yesterday

Cassandra lamentingJan Swart van Groningen, Woman Lamenting by a Burning City 1550-55
Pen in black, brush in brown,
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Image: WGA

8 comments on “The off-shore betrayal of populism

  1. […] Only the rich will survive in Brexit Britain. […]


  2. […] Nobody voted leave on the basis that somebody with a gold-plated pension and inherited wealth would … […]


  3. […] day brings new evidence that Brexit will only favour the rich, eating and drinking what they like, paying low taxes at the expense of the poor, who will get […]


  4. […] We, the people, must demand a second chance to let our true voice be heard, not the one manipulated last year by a reactionary, zenophobic, racist minority. […]


  5. […] Brexit is a betrayal of the British people. The Government does not feel guilt or shame to change course, our parliamentary representatives are failing us, and if we do not act to stop the rot ourselves we will all be complicit in national decline and the ruin of many lives. […]


  6. PJR says:

    It is still legally possible to stop it, so all that is needed is political courage – and never has it been more lacking in the ruling party than now. And political skill – which I don’t have even for a back seat driver’s strategy.
    A prime minister addressing the nation with the same solemnity they would make an announcement we were going to war could inform the electorate that Article 50 is being withdrawn in the national interest. The Will of the People [aka national death wish] chimera is the biggest obstacle, which could be removed through a General Election or a referendum on the deal. Thatcher was brought down (partly) by riots against the poll tax; it makes my tortured mind boggle that popular resistance to Brexit hasn’t brought down the current administration, which brings shame on Britain with every breath it takes.
    In the event of no deal, the EU itself is likely to be more merciful to the British people if it asks for help than its own government.
    The motives of the predominantly pro-Brexit press, whose zenophobic headlines push people towards disaster, are sinister, and presumably fiscal. If this betrayal of the public was revealed online with the same gusto as sexual harassment stories, there could be a change of heart.
    Apologies for length of reply.

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  7. etinkerbell says:

    I completely agree,but I cannot really see how all this can be stopped.

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  8. beetleypete says:

    ‘The New Cosette’. Loved that!
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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