Wanted: 24 Heroes and Heroines



“The Conservative party is the most successful party in the democratic world, precisely because their reputation is that they don’t go nuts and become ideologically zealous…..all it would take here is a couple of dozen brave Conservative MPs.”
(Nick Clegg in conversation with Richard Thaler, The Guardian)

Does the judgment of posterity matter nothing in the age of instant fame? Can’t the reluctant Mythical Tory Saviours be moved (I just deleted ‘bribed’) by sugar-coated promises of everlasting fame and glory? They can be put into an exclusive club, and have as many titles and honours and free canapes and wet towels and holidays on private islands and TV appearances as they want in return for saving Britain by saying “Sorry, I was Wrong”.

Why is it easier to lead millions of people into hell than admit you made a mistake?

“There are few, very few, that will own themselves in a mistake, though all the World sees them to be in downright nonsense”
Jonathan Swift, in The Tatler No. 63 (September 1709)

9 heroes and heroinesMaster of the Castello della Manta Nine Heroes and Nine Heroines (detail with seven figures) 1411-16 Fresco Sala Baronale, Castello della Manta, Saluzzo. Image source: WGA


Brexit is NOT inevitable

5 comments on “Wanted: 24 Heroes and Heroines

  1. […] Nuts. In future, recanting MPs might have to put one of their hands in the fire before they betray the interests of the people. […]


  2. PJR says:

    Your MP sounds like a prime target for a poke to get him out of denial – none of them should feel safe clinging to the good deal myth now. X


  3. beetleypete says:

    Our MP is a Tory, George Freeman. He was opposed to leaving. Then again, he is also director of a biomedical life sciences company, with links in Europe. I his constituency, Mid-Norfolk, 61 % voted Leave. He is now sticking with Theresa May, and claims to be hoping for a good deal.


  4. PJR says:

    At least we can still write to our Tory MPs and tell them how we want to be represented. Mine is the Business Secretary, who originally voted Remain, like the majority of his constituents, and has stopped answering my letters…..


  5. beetleypete says:

    Shared on Twitter, but I doubt I have any Tory followers.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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