The Loneliness of Power/The Power of Loneliness

Loneliness of Power

Photo © Martin Hübscher Photography

via The Cardboard Throne

The photographer is an EU National, married to a British citizen, residing and working in the barely United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and wondering every day if he is going to be deported.
He also love cats.
The cat has Freedom of Movement that no mere human can take away.

4 comments on “The Loneliness of Power/The Power of Loneliness

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  3. […] insulted by officials and deprived of urgent medical attention include Commonwealth citizens and EU Nationals, none of whom were told at the time they settled here that their right to remain was […]


  4. Legal hoops are being thrown at Euro-British married couples and families left, right and centre, inducing panic and worry. The same is true for a Norwegian here on the Island and many others besides. The best example I can give is this appalling instance affecting Scotland’s Royal Botanic Garden director whose French wife of 24 years has been denied a residency permit:

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