Hope, and fight


Brexit is not a done deal. It is not delivering on what most voters wanted.

It is a fraud.
The people of Britain can stop it.
They are fatalistic, but not bewitched.
They have the power to stop the desultory decline of their nation and start afresh.


and as reported in THE GUARDIAN

This post reaches a small number of people, but some of you are Europeans, and I want you to know how much our shared European destiny, heritage and culture are still valued in Britain. Don’t be misled by Brexit, or by our third rate Government and our cowardly MPs, so many of whom are misrepresenting their electorates.

Our true national identity is best expressed through a European Union.

We are stronger united with Europe.

Don’t give up on a Prodigal Nation, please.

Allegorical painting of Elizabeth I with Time and Death, painted probably after 1620, when dissatisfaction with the absolutist regime of the Stuarts was intensifying.
The unresolved tensions resulted in civil war and the first trial and execution for treason of a reigning monarch, Charles I, in 1649.

Still indubitably England’s greatest female ruler, an adept politician
and European diplomatist, peacemaker and maker of her own image,
the Virgin Queen, married to her people, Gloriana herself,
the personification of Great Britain,
Elizabeth I (reigned 1558 – 1603), is portrayed posthumously
with a load of trouble on her mind,
and Time and Death lurking on either side of her.
[Image: Wikipedia]

6 comments on “Hope, and fight

  1. PJR says:

    The hostile reactions are depressing, as you say, and while I marvel at the feelings of personal injury that motivates them – nothing to do with “Brexit” principles – reducing all politics and belief systems to primal sports’ league – maybe we should be reassured that they are only representative of trolls, typical of anti-social media. Maybe the bigger obstacle is still public indifference.

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  2. It’s so depressing reading the comments on YouTube.

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  3. PJR says:

    Yet again, thank you, Pete, for sharing. I’ve added links to the launch of the “People’s Vote” campaign on YouTube and in The Guardian.

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  4. beetleypete says:

    The link is to a Facebook post, which I cannot share, as I have no Facebook account. But I will share the post on Twitter. x

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  5. PJR says:

    As said elsewhere, Brexit is a desultory, delusional drift to self-destruction. We must continue to fight, despite the discouragement of public indifference and ridicule, because the gift of total conviction in a cause is seldom given to a rational individual.

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  6. My views entirely. It feels like an episode of Doctor Who. Wasn’t there an episode with Penelope Wilton as PM in which something had been put in the tea drunk by the politicians? That’s how bizarre it feels that fellow human beings appear to believe, in the face of overwhelming evidence (it’s there if you look but avoided by MSM including the BBC) that Brexit will all but destroy the country. Having been vociferous on Twitter and Facebook I’m not going to enjoy saying ‘I told you so.’

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