A way of saying thank you to audiences everywhere.

Pippa Rathborne

The aspiration, and fatal flaw, of actors, is their desire to please. Behind our masks, we want to be understood. We want to be understood not as ourselves, but as a hundred other selves, some better than us, some worse.

Our performances depend on making a connection with the audience, even if, in a crowded theatre, we only please one person.

So imagine my pleasure, and fear, at reading this listener’s review of my latest published audiobook on Audible:

“Once again Pippa Rathborne makes magic. One can always trust her to infuse her performance with nuances that you know the author intended. Her voice is unique , her characterizations are distinct (Buried Treasure, amazing!)” A Five Star review by Mary, a listener on Audible.

As an actor, I am interpreter and messenger. Did I deliver? Actors are like competing delivery companies, dependent on feedback, even though we dread…

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